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Installation of the sewer mainlines and pipelines, as well as road improvements for Phase 1 of the Sewer Project will begin in October 2016.  The time-frame in which construction will occur is broken into stages. To find out what stage your property is located in, search for your property via address or parcel number using the Construction Map below.

Each area located in Phase 1 is identified as a “Package” for construction purposes. Below is a construction time-frame assigned to each identified area. 

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2016 08 Map Package Timeline

Area “A” –  January 2017 – June 2018                                                                               

Area “B” (Lift Stations) – March 2017 – June 2018                                                      

Area “C” – September 2017 – April 2019                                                                                

Area “D”- August 2018 – January 2020

Phase 2 and 3 will be constructed at a later date, following Phase 1.

There are nine (9) stages that make up Area “A”.  Each stage is assigned to different neighborhoods and commercial sections within Phase 1 – Area “A”.  It may not take longer than 60 days to construct each stage from start to finish.

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To be redirected to a larger version of the map, click here. For instructions on how to use the map, click on the video below the map.

Video Tutorial on How to Use the Construction Map

For questions about construction and your property, email or call 1(844) YV-Sewer.