A plan for groundwater protection.


Providing safe and reliable water, and protecting that water supply for the future, is the most important part of HDWD’s mission. Protecting groundwater quality means addressing the issues caused by septic system discharge.

By the time the Colorado River Basin Regional Water Quality Control Board adopted the septic discharge prohibition—scheduled to begin in 2016 2021—HDWD has begun designing and implementing a solution that effectively and efficiently:

  • Meets all State requirements
  • Protects the quality of our local groundwater
  • And does so at the lowest possible cost to ratepayers.

The proposed solution is a three-phased system based on geographical proximity to the Basin. Phase 1 would consist of:

Phase 1 is scheduled for completion in 2020 with Phases 2 and 3 to follow.

This system would increase supply reliability and safeguard water quality for future generations.