Properties will connect to the new centralized sewer system starting in February 2018 after the treatment facility is constructed. The time-frame in which all Phase 1 developed properties will connect to the system is from February 2018 to October 2020. HDWD will be developing a step-by-step guide to assist property owners with this process, as well as provide notifications via email, mail and door hangers to prepare property owners for the connection process.

For more information, click here to view an updated pamphlet explaining details about the Sewer Project.

Phase 1 is broken into three areas or “Packages” A, C and D.  Each area will be initially contacted six months in advance of connection to the system. To find which area or “package” your property is located in click here to search for your property. Click here to view each area’s connection timeline.


As the land-use authority, the Town of Yucca Valley will be issuing permits and performing inspections for each connection. Prior to beginning the connection process, please contact the Town of Yucca Valley’s building department at (760) 369-6579. A licensed engineer and contractor may be required to complete this process. To view the Town’s requirements for lateral connections and abandoning sewage systems click here.

A 20-year, low interest Expanded Use Loan will be available for property owners to finance private property connection costs. This loan will be handled as an optional assessment.  Charges will begin immediately after connecting to the system and payments will be collected via property taxes. Property owners will be notified as to when the HDWD will begin accepting applications for the loan.



Who will be responsible for the installation of individual private property connections?

Property owners will be responsible to install the private property connection (the connection from the home to the main sewer pipes).

Will I have to connect my house to the sewer?

All customers will be required to connect to the sewer system when it becomes available. Property owners will be responsible for hiring a contractor and connecting their properties to the sewer mains that are installed within the streets.

How long will my sewer service be disconnected during this process?

In most cases, your current septic system would be left in service until the new connection is ready. It often takes only a single day to install a collection line that runs from a home or business to the property line, and to abandon the septic system on site.

The efficiency of the process means that a typical home or business would only be out of service for 15-30 minutes.

What are the requirements of installing the private property connection?

The Town of Yucca Valley’s Building Department is currently working on developing the permit and inspection requirements.

Can I install my own private property connection?

If applying for the State’s Expanded Use Loan to finance costs for the private property connection, property owners may not be eligible if unlicensed contractors complete the work. Property owners must also check with the Town of Yucca Valley for its requirements..

Can the cost of hooking up to the sewer be financed or must owners pay cash?

The cost of hooking up to the sewer may be financed. Property owners will be able to finance their private sewer connection, and have it reflected on their property taxes over 20 years.

How do I apply to finance my private property connection costs?

HDWD will notify property owners six months prior to installing their private property connection to apply for a low interest Expanded Use Loan and provide further details about the process.

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Los Osos Private Property Connection


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