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There are three cost components that make up the Sewer Project.  There is the property owner’s share of $150 million to construct Phase 1 of the Sewer Project which is a 30-year assessment on property taxes. In addition, there are maintenance and operating costs, as well as the cost to install a property’s private connection line to the sewer system.

Each of the projects costs will be placed on property taxes, except for commercial properties will be billed on their monthly water bill for maintenance and operating costs.


30-Year Infrastructure Assessment.

This cost is paid over a 30-year period on property taxes.  Charges will be reflected in the December 2017 and April 2018 tax installments.  After a full year cost is collected, a 25%-30% discount will be applied for the following 10 years as part of a successful sales tax initiative.

Private Property Connection.

Property owner’s will be responsible for facilitating the work associated with connect a property via a sewer service line to the centralized sewer system.  It is estimated that a basic connection for a single-family home will cost approximately $3,000. There will be a 1-2% interest loan available to everyone who would like to finance this cost through property taxes for 20 years. This cost includes abandoning the property’s existing septic system, and charges will begin once the line is installed.

Service and Maintenance Fees

The estimated yearly cost to keep the centralized sewer system and treatment facility is approximately $5.5 million a year.  Each property will be charge a share of this cost each year on property taxes. These costs will take effect once the property is connected and utilizing the sewer system.

For more information, click here to view an updated pamphlet explaining details about the Sewer Project.                

  COST BREAKDOWN                                                                                                            


Click here to view the assessment engineer’s report, which explains how each property’s share of the infrastructure cost of $150 million was calculated.

MY PROPERTY’S ASSESSMENT                            

Click here to access a list of each property’s assessment. To find your property’s assessment, locate your property on the list by APN number (this number is listed on your property tax bill) or by address. To search for your property, download the document and open the PDF document.  Then press the Control and F keys simultaneously to search for your assessment.
Click Here to view a cost breakdown of properties by type.


Click here to view information concerning the Early Payment option for your property’s assessment. By submitting an early payment in full, your property will benefit from an approximate 2% discount off the assessment. Early Payment is optional.


Click here to view the a list of fees for each property type. These fees will be collected to cover the cost of maintaining and operating the Sewer Project’s collection system and treatment facility.



How will we pay for Phase 1 of the Sewer Project?

Property owners will finance the cost to construct Phase 1 of the Sewer Project through a loan from the State Revolving Fund.  Payments will be made over 30 years on property taxes with a low interest rate of 1%.

When will the assessment amount appear on my taxes?

Property tax assessments for infrastructure costs to construct Phase 1 will appear on the November 2017 property tax installment.  Monthly assessment charges on property taxes will begin in July 2017 and property owners who have an impound mortgage account, may begin paying towards the assessment at that time.  If property owners choose to finance their private property connection costs through a separate optional assessment that will be offered, that cost will appear on property tax billing statements as soon as the property is connected and using the sewer system.

If I sell my property, is the balance for the sewer connection to be paid in full, or will the new home buyer assume the balance?

The assessment on an owner’s property taxes will be pro-rated and transferred to the new buyer after the property is sold.

Will the amount that I am assessed ever increase?

Once the assessment amount is approved, it can never be higher than what appears on the printed Assessment District ballot. However, the assessed amount may be lowered as the project continues to receive grants and other sources of funding.

Will Phase 2 and 3 have to pay for Phase 1?

Property owners in Phases 2 and 3 currently will pay only for those portions of Phase 1 from which they will derive benefit. They will be assessed at a later date, once their Phases are constructed. Phase 1 will only be assessed for Phase 1. Phase 2 will be assessed for its shared cost to construct Phase 1 and the future construction of Phase 2. Phase 3 will have an assessment for its share of the cost to construct Phase 1 and future assessments for Phase 2 and 3.

How much is my assessment?

Please view the cost breakdown below.

Commercial property owners can call 1(844) YV-Sewer or email to obtain individual assessment costs.

How and when did property owners vote to form the Assessment District?

On May 13, 2015, property owners approved forming Assessment District 2014-1 by mail-in ballot to finance the cost to construct Phase 1 of the Sewer Project. There will be subsequent assessment district formations by vote at a later date to secure funding to construct Phase 2 and 3.

See final results of the May 2015 assessment vote below:


How is HDWD working to save money on the project?

Hi-Desert Water District has explored multiple funding options to provide the best possible project at the lowest possible cost for our customers.

HDWD has secured millions of dollars in federal, state and local grants in addition to debt forgiveness and low interest loans to help finance the project as cost-effectively as possible.

Funding sources include:

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Grant – HDWD has a $20 million authorization from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, with $17.5 million remaining to be appropriated. The $2.5 million already appropriated has been used to help fund the project’s planning stages
State Revolving Fund – HDWD secured a loan from the State Water Resources Control Board State Revolving Fund by securing a low interest rate of 1%. This low interest rate dramatically reduces payments and financing costs.
Community Development Block Grants – HDWD is applying for these grants to help support a low-income assistance program.
Other Resources – HDWD is working to identify sources of funding that would support a low income assistance program.


Project Overview

Project PowerPoint Presentation

Community Meeting Q & A

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