Wastewater Made Clear: What will my assessment pay for?

On May 13, 2015, the community of Yucca Valley will find out whether or not property owners approve Assessment District 2014-1. If approved, property owners will be locking in a 1% interest rate to finance their shared cost to build the sewer project over a 30-year period. Payments for this assessment will be reflected on property taxes one-year prior to the completion of construction of the project, which is tentatively scheduled for December of 2017.

These assessment payments will only go towards paying costs associated with building the centralized sewer system. Property assessments will pay for each property owner’s shared cost to install pipes in the roads; three pump stations; new roads; and a membrane bioreactor wastewater treatment facility. Unfortunately, our area has no existing infrastructure in place for a centralized sewer system, so these costs are based on building the entire system from the ground up.

Below is a cost breakdown of what property owners’ assessments will be paying for to construct Phase 1 of the Sewer Project. A more detailed explanation can be found within the Engineer’s Assessment District Report located at the HDWD office or by clicking here.

Total Estimated Cost To Build Phase 1 (Costs Include a 10% Contingency)
Description Total Cost
Construction Costs
Collection System Installation
New Roads
Wastewater Treatment Facility

Total Construction $122,731,165
Incidental Costs
District Administration

Total Incidental Costs $27,349,149
Construction Financing Costs
(Minus Grants Received)
Total amount to Build Phase 1 $145,229,718

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